In order to meet the existing limitations of out of gauge cargo transportation, special engineering solutions are often required. Our in-house engineering team will find the most efficient solution for the transportation of any out of gauge cargo via bridge passes, unpaved roads and railway crossings.

To ensure the efficiency of our transportation solutions, we use all of our company's engineering potential. Some of our successfully implemented transportation solutions include:

  • Design of temporary bridges
  • Design of ro-ro facilities
  • Design of road transport configurations
  • Skidding under obstacles
  • Integrated transport with girder bridge

Civil works

Inspection of the bridge
structure, identification of key
parameters, detection of road surface and bridge defects.

If the passage of excess loads (lorry with the load) is not possible, we offer the development of measures to strengthen the structures, or provide other solutions (construction of detour, etc.)

Perform the needed calculations to determine the possibility of an excess load crossing each bridge structure, conditions of admission (the location of the train on the roadway).